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Residents Feature: Meet the Neighbors

January 19th, 2021 • 3 min read

Welcome Home!

Learn about the people who call North River Ranch home. After all, who better to tell you about life here than those who can speak first-hand?

Originally from New York, Kristy and Frank Post had been living in Vermont and decided to escape the snow. When it came time to purchase a new home, amenities, more space and great value were top of mind. Being part of a community early on was also important. After just two months in their Centex home, the Post family is thoroughly enjoying the community amenities and thinks of every weekend as a staycation.

“We love the look and feel of North River Ranch – especially the outdoor living and extra family time.”

Why did you choose to live at NRR?

We finally decided to purchase after renting for a few years and settling in the area. Looking for amenities, more home, good value. We met Michelle Moss with Centex salesperson who, at that time, suggested we wait to see North River Ranch. It meant another few months before making a purchase, but it was the area, the amenities, being part of the community early on, the value that made it easy to wait.

What do you like best about NRR?

Residents Feature: Meet the Neighbors - New Home Community - New Construction Homes For Sale in Parrish, FL

We have been living here for 2 months and are thoroughly enjoying all the amenities. Everything we need will all be right here. We will be able to walk do to everything. It’s not inconvenient now, but the thought of parking the car, walking, or biking everywhere is very appealing.

What would they tell someone who is looking at the community to buy a home?  

North River Ranch is very family-oriented. The level of amenities and landscape and public spaces are all very impressive. If you like outdoor activities, this is the place to live. Park your car, it’s like a staycation every weekend.

Tell us about the convenience to get to shops, supermarkets, etc. from North River Ranch?

Access in and around is great and will be even better when the North River Ranch market square and village center are open.

If you had one thing to say about NRR what would it be?

Love the look and feel of the community, especially the outdoor living and the extra family time.

About North River Ranch

North River Ranch is the flagship master-planned community for Neal Land & Neighborhoods, strategically positioned and carefully planned to evolve to meet the needs of tomorrow’s families and active adults. It’s a fresh approach to development in southwest Florida unlike anything in the market today.

About Neal Land & Neighborhoods

Neal Land & Neighborhoods is a Manatee and Sarasota, Florida-based community and master land planning and development organization led by John A. Neal. The company incorporates smart master-planning and public infrastructure solutions to create the next level of elite community planning in Southwest Florida. By working with carefully selected new home builders, Neal Land & Neighborhoods aims to establish thriving, sustainable, livable and ecologically sensitive communities throughout Manatee, Sarasota and Hillsborough counties. Neal Land & Neighborhoods currently owns or controls several thousand acres of land entitled for more than 9,000 future residential homes and the supporting mixed-use commercial and retail. For additional information, visit