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Some Ideas For Creating Family Fun Time In Your New Home

May 3rd, 2021 • 4 min read

New Home Community - New Construction Homes For Sale - Portrait of nice attractive lovely positive glad cheerful cheery family wearing casual white t-shirts jeans denim sitting on sofa having fun watching funny video enjoying spending free timeYou did it! You bought that new home you always dreamed of. You and your family members are finally done emptying boxes, putting up the family photos, and getting all settled in.

Now what? How can we make the most out of our new home and the many types of spaces it offers us?

This past year has seen most of us spending far more time at home than we could ever have imagined, and we have hopefully learned to make the most of it. New homes are built with the idea in mind that people want to spend more time enjoying their environment. They offer more space in general, and more unique spaces in specific.

New homes tend to have kitchens that are made for family time. Cooking at home is easier and more fun when there is room for everyone to participate. In a new home, the counter space allows for one person to be preparing the batter for cookies or homemade bread while another person is chopping away at the veggies for the salad. They will even have counter space for the family member that would rather watch the process while waiting to enjoy the results.

New homes include energy-efficient appliances like high-powered convection ovens which can lessen cook time. No one likes waiting too long for the cookies to bake. Bigger refrigerators are common as well and make room for all the goodies to be stored effectively so there is less waste. Leftovers last longer and food is safer to eat when kept in an energy-efficient fridge that’s EnergyStar certified.

For the readers in the house, the quiet spaces are quieter even when sitting near windows that are new and let the natural light in but keep the noise pollution out. As a bonus, they lessen energy bills. No longer do you have to keep the curtains closed to keep the heat or air-conditioning in when you want to sit by the windows and enjoy the view.

Most of the homes in communities like North River Ranch offer studies and even loft spaces for reading, studying, or just taking time to relax and reflect. These spaces or the larger bonus rooms can also be a place for game time with the whole family. Set up a table for board games or put in a flat-screen TV for watching movies together. Did someone say, popcorn machine?

Why not set up a space for that home gym you always wanted. With all the new types of exercise equipment that are available, a space in your new home can be dedicated that the whole family can use. It can house high-tech wall units, stationary bikes, and even a place to do yoga or lift weights. Exercising together is a great way to improve your health, both physical and mental. In today’s stressful world, being able to create an environment where your family can shake off the day and get in some healthy fun is invaluable.

What about entertaining? With the open floor plans and spacious rooms you find in your new home, having guests over is a pleasure. From smaller more intimate dinner parties in your formal dining room to casual get togethers with lots of people mixing and mingling, your new home has you covered.

If you haven’t bought that new home yet and would like to explore all the possibilities, floor plans, and models in one of our fantastic communities, reach out to us for more information.

North River Ranch has lots available and respected, high-quality home builders, ready to work with you to plan home with all the space you need!

North River Ranch offers its active residents so many opportunities for fun activities. Enjoy the resort-style pool or the Fitness Center with its screened game room complete with foosball, ping-pong, billiards, and shuffleboard tables. Let the kids enjoy the playground or bring the whole family in the evenings to gather at the Firepit and enjoy laughter and conversation with your friends and neighbors. At North River Ranch, the fun, indoors and outdoors, never ends.



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