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Are You Ready To Build A New Home? Here’s What To Consider:

November 19th, 2022 • 3 min read

Young couple looking over construction blueprints with their homeBuilding a new home can come with many exciting opportunities as well as some challenges along the way. With many new home communities in North Manatee County, new construction opportunities can be very exciting. Here are some insights to consider as you decide if new home construction is right for you. Having a better understanding of the new home process will allow you to make informed decisions every step of the way.

Know Your Location 
Building a new home can take months and requires patience. One of the most important factors to consider is the location. Familiarizing yourself with the area of your new neighborhood, local schools, and restaurants within the community can make the decision-making process much more manageable when building your perfect home. For example, decide whether you want to live in a new community in an urban, suburban, or rural area and what amenities or facilities are in the community or nearby.

You’ll Buy the Home Before it’s Built 
Often, you can build from a blueprint floor plan. Therefore, you cannot expect to see the new home before you purchase. Before deciding whether to proceed with a new home purchase, you will meet with several builders. When it comes to new home construction, this is the opportunity to view their model homes. Once you’ve selected the builder you want to work with, you will choose the square footage, floor plan, and structural selections which are most important to you. Once you’ve made your final decisions on your new home selections, you put down a deposit and go under contract.

Leaving Your Existing Home 
One of the reasons why people often choose to build a new construction home comes from not wanting to deal with the issues, repairs, and modernizing of their existing home. Investing in a new home may be more beneficial than the time, effort, and financial outlay on improving an older home.

Other lifestyle changes, such as downsizing or the need for a larger home or a community connection can be the impetus to look for a new home.

The Planning Process May be Long 
When deciding whether to build your own new home, you should consider the timeframe involved. Once you have chosen your location and floor plan, there are several stages. The new home builder walks you through all these stages, from permitting, construction, design, financing, and moving in. There are circumstances when you might not have the time for construction and should consider a Quick Move-In Home. You can read more about Quick Move-In Homes.

Choosing Your Ideal Home
A perfect home will look different for each person. From bustling communities to quiet towns, Florida has many options to offer. An award-winning community like North River Ranch in North Manatee County provides the perfect combination of new homes, thriving neighborhoods, connectivity with neighbors, an active lifestyle, and trusted home builders that can help you build your ideal new home.

About Neal Land & Neighborhoods

Neal Land & Neighborhoods is a Manatee and Sarasota, Florida-based community and master land planning and development organization led by John A. Neal. The company incorporates smart master-planning and public infrastructure solutions to create the next level of elite community planning in Southwest Florida. By working with carefully selected new home builders, Neal Land & Neighborhoods aims to establish thriving, sustainable, livable, and ecologically sensitive communities throughout Manatee, Sarasota, and Hillsborough counties. Neal Land & Neighborhoods currently owns or controls several thousand acres of land entitled for more than 9,000 future residential homes and the supporting mixed-use commercial and retail. For additional information, visit