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Bring Your Family Closer In Your New Home And Community

September 27th, 2021 • 4 min read

Family Has Fun with Dog Outdoors in Summer House Backyard. New Home Community - New Construction Homes For Sale in Parrish, FLIt’s easy to get caught up in the business of today’s world between school, work, friends, social media, and extracurricular activities that also make it harder for families to spend time together. When our focus is on other priorities, it can be a challenge to help create and maintain the family closeness that’s so important.

When you build a new home at North River Ranch, you can reset old habits and plan new ways to bring loved ones together. We have several ideas for intentional family time in the midst of our busy lives.

  • Exercise together: When you plan your home, you can create spaces for family exercise. If you like to lift weights, do yoga, ride your Peloton bike, or walk on the treadmill, you can create a space for that in your new home. Or if you prefer outdoor fitness, running or walking along the Greenway and its winding pathways through the community can be fun if you do so with your family. And of course, you can spend time at the Brightwood Pavillion or Riverfield Verandah pools, or work out outdoors at the Avid FitPods and FitStations. In the summer months, head indoors to the Brightwood Pavilion fitness center for the latest strength and conditioning equipment. Maybe use one of the courtesy bikes from the community’s Bike Share program. Whatever you prefer, plan family exercise routines that work for everyone and do them together.
  • Plan, cook and eat healthy, delicious food: With a brand-new, spacious kitchen, your family will love cooking or baking together. There’s plenty of space for everyone to do their part. Spend some time researching gluten-free cookies, healthy snacks, or even gourmet meals. With tons of counter space, you can set up an air fryer, food processor, bread maker, or any other kitchen gadget. At mealtime, plan to shut off all devices and have dinner together as often as possible.
  • Play games together: Whether it’s board games, a 1,000-piece puzzle, or charades in the living room, plan game time. If you are a serious video gamer, you can create a room or space in your new home for your console and gaming chairs or set up an arcade-style game room. If you prefer outdoor games, head down to the Brightwood Pavilion screened-in game room, complete with foosball, ping-pong, billiards, and shuffleboard tables. On cooler nights, take the family over to the multi-purpose lawn or playground.
  • Read together: Of course, family movie nights are a fun way to spend time together, but have you ever considered reading a book out loud together? It’s a creative way to slow the pace and really listen to one another. Books are great conversation starters and a great activity for a rainy day in your spacious family room.
  • Clean and GREEN the house: Keeping your environment clean is especially important to do as a family. Start with simple steps like recycling old magazines and plastic bottles. Get the kids involved in ways to make the house cleaner, safer and greener by doing things like turning off the water while they brush their teeth or shutting off the lights in rooms no one is in.
  • Plan time to talk to one another: Bring your family down to the Brightwood Pavilion firepit in the evening. You can gather around the flickering flames and relax. It’s a great way to unwind and share the events of your busy day with one another. Remind one another to share ideas, a good joke or funny story and of course, remind each other of all the things you have to be grateful for. Sometimes all a family needs to regain their closeness is conversation. Focus on each other and not on the phone, news or other distractions.

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