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Should I Retire To Florida?

January 7th, 2023 • 4 min read

Senior couple in new homeChoosing where to live in retirement can be a big decision. When the time comes, deciding where can be a big decision. You might be making this decision yourself or have other people – such as your spouse, partner, children, and other relatives – to consider or involve. Knowing as much as possible about your circumstances before making such a significant decision can increase the likelihood of making the right choice.

Here are a few worthy considerations if you’re wondering whether to retire to a new home community such as North River Ranch in Parrish, Florida.

Low Taxes
Florida does not have any state income tax, meaning retirees can keep more money in their pockets to enjoy their retirement. It is just one benefit that draws many retirees to Florida, but it doesn’t stop there. People choose Florida as their future home partly because it makes more financial sense. In addition to no state income tax, there is also no estate or inheritance tax in Florida, creating even more reasons to move to Florida if you’re looking to save money.

Something To Do
There will never be a lack of things to do in Florida, thanks to the beautiful weather, exceptional national and state parks, world-famous attractions such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, and closer to home, an array of award-winning beaches, arts, sports, and almost limitless recreation. If you choose to retire and move to a new home community in Florida, there is something to do 365 days a year! You can take advantage of the amenities your new home community offers. Florida provides an opportunity to walk or bike year-round. Retiring and moving to a new home community allows you to participate in indoor and outdoor activities, such as exercise classes, relax by a resort-style swimming pool, and attend community events, even in the winter months.

The surrounding Manatee County areas of North River Ranch offer something for everyone, including local attractions, museums, community events, shopping, and sports arenas. People who want to retire and stay busy at the same time will find everything they need to maintain an active and social lifestyle in Florida.

Other Retirees
People who choose to retire to Florida may feel at home in the Sunshine State due to the high number of other retirees who live the same Florida-active lifestyle. This is seen as beneficial by those who want to live, find a sense of community, and build connections within their community once retired. You can often meet people online via social media before you even move to Florida, creating new networks and friends to meet once you’ve settled into a new home community.

Sunny Weather (most of the time)
The warm and sunny weather is, of course, a huge draw. For most of the year, you can expect the sun to shine in Parrish, Florida. On average, you can expect summer temperatures to rise to 88-94 degrees Fahrenheit and drop to lows of 39-40 degrees Fahrenheit in the coldest months of December and January. Even on cooler winter days, the sun still shines, allowing you to spend your time outdoors and live an active lifestyle.

New Home Options
When you’re considering whether to retire to Florida, you will also be thinking about where to live. While homes are generally in high demand, you can find something to suit everyone in Florida. North River Ranch has many new homes to choose from, including townhomes, villas, and single-family homes. In addition, the variety of home sizes, maintenance-assisted living, and broad price ranges from the $300s – $800s give you the option to find the ideal home for your retirement.

Settling Down in Florida
If you’ve decided to retire to Florida, take some time to consider where you should live. You can move into a new home community, such as North River Ranch in Parrish, Florida. The location allows you to explore all the nearby Bradenton, Sarasota, Tampa, and Saint Petersburg areas offer. Plus, at North River Ranch, everything else you need is steps away from your doorstep. This new home community located in Parrish, Florida, offers the ideal place for retirement with year-round warm temperatures, tree-lined streets, well-thought-out active amenities, connected neighborhoods, an active lifestyle with outdoor walking and biking trails that will connect to the future grocery and shopping Market Walk and the hospital and supporting medical services planned for the future Village Center.

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