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Buying Makes Sense

August 24th, 2023 • 3 min read

Your home will probably be your greatest financial investment. You’ll invest a lot of money in your home over the years, and history has shown that its value will increase over the long run. And usually over the short run, too. Since 1972, U.S. home prices have risen by an average of 5.2% per year.

Buying today makes sense for investing in your future. In a time of rising interest rates and slowly expanding inventory, land developers and new construction home builders are working diligently to create active neighborhoods to fit any lifestyle. At North River Ranch in Parrish, Florida, Neal Land & Neighborhoods has designed a master-planned community around your family and lifestyle to offer an immersive neighborhood that makes every day feel like paradise while your home steadily gains value toward tomorrow.

Since 2020, we’ve learned how valuable the work-from-home model can be for both employees and employers. Our premier homebuilders — Cardel Homes, David Weekley Homes, Homes by WestBay, Neal Communities, and Pulte Homes — have spent the past few years imagining and now executing single-family homes, villas, and townhome floorplans that accommodate this shift in how we live.

Don’t let high mortgage rates be a deterrent. Manatee County homes, particularly new-construction homes, offer tremendous value. Many buyers are moving forward with their new home purchases, knowing they are getting their perfect home in a community that meets their families’ active lifestyles. Buyers also know they can refinance if interest rates drop in the coming year or two, as most analysts predict. In addition, mortgage interest payments are deductible (always consult with a tax accountant), which reduces your tax burden and keeps more money in your pockets.

Paying rent to a landlord every month does nothing for your personal equity. But purchasing a new home means you’re putting your own money into your home, which builds equity even as the home is gaining value. Win-win! You can direct that equity toward your kids’ college, furthering your own education, retirement, or whatever your dreams may be.

As with everything in life, predictability is a comfort. The same is true with owning your own home. When you own, your mortgage stays essentially flat month-over-month, year-over-year. That eases budgetary stress significantly when compared with ever-increasing rents.

Buying a new construction home is a great financial investment for you and your family and leaves you with options for the future. At North River Ranch, you’ll find a thriving community with indoor and outdoor activities, robust amenities, fitness stations, trails, and so much more! Are you interested in learning more about all North River Ranch has to offer? If you haven’t already, take a moment to connect with us. We encourage you to visit us in person and experience why North River Ranch has been voted the Bradenton Herald’s Best of Bradenton’s Best Master-Planned Community for two consecutive years.

About Neal Land & Neighborhoods

Neal Land & Neighborhoods is a Manatee and Sarasota, Florida-based community and master land planning and development organization led by John A. Neal. The company incorporates smart master-planning and public infrastructure solutions to create the next level of elite community planning in Southwest Florida. By working with carefully selected new home builders, Neal Land & Neighborhoods aims to establish thriving, sustainable, livable, and ecologically sensitive communities throughout Manatee, Sarasota, and Hillsborough counties. Neal Land & Neighborhoods currently owns or controls several thousand acres of land entitled for more than 9,000 future residential homes and the supporting mixed-use commercial and retail. For additional information, visit