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6 Trends That Will Impact Home Design In 2022

February 21st, 2022 • 4 min read

Stylish living room interiorTrends in home design are constantly changing, but there are some trends that stick around or reemerge throughout the years. Whether you’re building a new home or redesigning your home space, it’s good to be aware of the top trends impacting home design. Here are six of the most popular trends to look for in 2022:

1. Pure and Organic
With more awareness of what is good and bad for our health, many people are making the decision to choose purer and more organic products. From skin care products to organic foods, these decisions are impacting all areas of our lives. When it comes to home design trends, this year we can expect to see more people investing in eco-friendly materials to help minimize environmental impact and promote sustainable energy. At North River Ranch, you can build an energy-efficient home that meets your needs. House plants have also become a popular trend for interior home design, as they help to bring more life to the room and are good for your health.

2. The Impact of the Pandemic
The Covid pandemic has affected many aspects of life, and we’re already seeing how it’s impacting home design trends – most especially in new homes. People are looking to move to more spacious homes after living under restrictions, and some homeowners may be prioritizing outdoor space and suburban locations over dense cities. Staying at home longer means that people want more space – from larger cupboards and gardens to bigger storage and office space. It also means that people may be more likely to relocate less often, which may result in choosing designs – and neighborhoods – that will stand the test of time. North River Ranch, Parrish, Florida is a perfect example of a new home community with abundant outdoor spaces and activities, plus the new home floor plan designs.

3. Colors to Enhance Wellness
An increased focus on health and well-being means that people are paying more attention to color when redesigning their homes. Soft colors might be used more in 2022, with splashes of colors like green and yellow used to brighten up key areas of the home. People may opt to create ‘wellness rooms’ or other areas of the home dedicated to their health and wellbeing. Even the purchase trends of sofas, chairs and other furniture are reflective of consumers’ prioritizing their comfort and health.

4. Advances in Technology
We are seeing technology being used in the home more often and it has become one of the most significant home design trends. What started as microwaves and televisions has now become lights with sensors, thermostats that can be controlled from miles away, and dishwashers that you can turn on while you’re away at the office. The integration of tech in home design has created a longlasting impact that will continue to grow with further advancуments in technology. The premier builders at North River Ranch offer a selection of customizable cutting-edge technology in new single-family homes and townhomes, for convenience and comfort.

5. The Industrial Look
It’s not a completely new look, but the raw and open style that comes with bricks, concrete, and distressed materials is set to continue as one of the top home design trends of 2022. This has been a popular trend over the last few years, with many older buildings being converted into modern homes that have needed minimal interior design. Even homeowners have renovated rooms in their homes to adopt this industrial style.

6. In With the Old, In With the New
You don’t have to choose between vintage and modern anymore, since blending old and new styles are set to be a trend that continues throughout the year. We are likely to see metallic materials blended with patterned wallpapers and floral furniture, or distressed wood combined with contemporary artwork Different rooms in the home can showcase a variety of design styles, like combining contemporary furniture and light fixtures with antique pieces or vintage wallpaper. Contemporary furniture and large ornaments may be combined with older antique pieces to create a perfect blend of old and new in the latest home design trends.

Finding Your Ideal Home
At North River Ranch in Manatee County, you can create or find your ideal new home. With nearly everything you need one in place, you can custom design a new home that fits all your requirements in terms of space, features, and design!

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