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Why Spending Time Outdoors Is Beneficial For Your Well-Being

March 13th, 2022 • 4 min read

several ways in which spending time outdoors can help improve your healthLooking after your health and well-being takes time, and it can involve many different habits and activities in order to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle. One of the most common ways to take care of yourself is by spending some time outdoors. This could be in the form of exercise and other outdoor activities, or simply to relax and spend some time around nature. Here are several ways in which spending time outdoors can help improve your health:

Improves Your Focus and Concentration
Walking outdoors and spending time surrounded by nature can help to improve focus and concentration. It takes you out of a familiar setting like your home or office and allows you to have a break in your daily routine where you can focus more on your natural surroundings. People often find it helpful to go for a walk or spend a few minutes outside before undertaking an important task that requires focus and concentration, such as an exam. People who work long days may become irritated or frustrated if they are unable to leave the office all day. Similarly, children at school can become irritable and lack concentration if they cannot leave the building. Research has shown that children with ADHD concentrated better after a walk outdoors in a park. North River Ranch in Parrish, Florida, provides the ideal backdrop for your outdoor activities. Walking paths and trails interconnect the new home neighborhoods and amenities, including parks and open green spaces.

Increases Your Vitamin D Levels
Some studies suggest that most adults need 1,000-4,000 international units (IU) of Vitamin D per day. The amount of Vitamin D you receive naturally from the sunlight will depend on how much the sun is shining and how much time you spend outdoors. We have a good deal of sunshine year-round here in North Manatee County, Florida. Vitamin D is essential for good bone and muscle function and can also help to improve mental health and reduce the risk of conditions like depression. Plan outdoor activities and block time in your schedule to get outdoors.

Enhances Your Creativity
The outdoor world can be a great source of inspiration for creativity. Many people go outside to find inspiration for their latest pieces of artwork, an upcoming novel, or a poem they plan to write. Whether you’re taking inspiration directly from things you see outside or you’re taking a moment to pause and reflect while sitting in a park, there are plenty of ways the outdoors can bring benefits to your creativity.

Improves Your Mental Health
Going outside allows you to connect with other people and spend time connecting with friends. Walking your dog in a local park can make it easier to speak to other dog owners in the area. This is a great way for people who are new to their neighborhood to make friends and connect with their neighbors through outdoor activities. It is known that enhancing our social lives and connecting with other people can help us to feel better about ourselves and improve our mental health.

Lowers Blood Pressure
If you’re struggling with high blood pressure, combined with a healthy lifestyle and balanced food choices, spending time doing outdoor activities could help you to reduce this. For instance, make use of the FitPods and FitStations along the trails and pathways or ride one of Bike Share bikes at North River Ranch, Parrish, Florida. Research has shown that looking at trees and spending time around plants can also help to reduce blood pressure.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety
Spending time around nature can help to reduce your stress and anxiety. There are many reasons why stress builds up in our lives, and long-term stress can lead to chronic health problems. Nature provides the perfect outlet to relax and breathe cleaner air while enjoying the views and sounds of the outdoors. Looking at natural landscapes and spending time outdoors can also help to reduce your stress levels and lower hormones like cortisol and adrenaline which cause more stress.

Spending too much time indoors can come at a cost to your health, yet the average American spends almost 90% of their time indoors. Finding time to spend outdoors in North Manatee County, Florida is easier when you live in North River Ranch, where you have access to walking trails, community events, fitness stations, and bikes at multiple bike stations – all of which are designed to offer convenient access and contribute to the wellness and enjoyment of the neighborhood’s residents.

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