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Why Are So Many People Flocking To A New Life In Sunny Florida?

January 22nd, 2022 • 3 min read

Welcome to FloridaOften people who live in colder, northern places, aspire to live someplace warmer. Florida has long been a place of hopeful possibility for retirees, water enthusiasts, growing families, and those who simply want to enjoy the balmy breezes and tropical paradise that is Florida.

According to the Office of Economic & Demographic Research of Florida, over 320,000 people made the move to Florida from the spring of 2020 to 2021, making it one of the most popular states in the country for Americans seeking to relocate. The fact that there are lower property taxes and no state tax make living in Florida very attractive. The cost of living is lower than in many other places in the country as well and even people from other countries find Florida attractively affordable. This can be a factor with those coming from other parts of the country and even the world who were impacted by the economic consequences caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In Florida, you can often get a great deal more value for your money when purchasing a home – and most especially, a new construction home. Many new home communities, like North River Ranch in Parrish, Florida, offer exceptional amenities to homeowners. This can make living there cost-effective and extremely attractive.

Having a new home community that offers resort-style pools, clubhouses, and abundant amenities gives community members a place to hang out, meet new people, and make new friends. Florida is a place where you can improve your health with outdoor activities year-round. Ride on one of North River Ranch’s Bike Share bikes through the tree-lined streets of the community, enjoying the miles of walking trails, or utilizing one of the multiple outdoor Avid FitPods or FitStations are heart-healthy activities. If the heat gets to be too much, having an air-conditioned fitness center with the latest equipment at your disposal is a big advantage for one’s health and wellness plan. Many people move to Florida for just that reason. Healthier living is of utmost importance, and exercise can lessen stress and anxiety, and even prolonged aches and pains. This is especially important to the future of our children’s health and to our older family members who take their health very seriously. Florida offers the kind of lifestyle that makes it easier to work on your healthy lifestyle plan.

Many people move to Florida simply because they want a more fun-filled lifestyle for themselves and their families. They want to make memories and create new friendships that last. Choosing the right community to buy a home is essential. North River Ranch is one such community. The playground and screened game room at our Brightwood Pavilion are great environments for kids to make new friends and create lasting memories. Likewise, the covered patio and outdoor living room area at our Riverfield Verandah offer ways to bring neighbors together. In addition, residents can look forward to the many planned community events include resident FunDays, Food Truck Fridays, and Farmers’ Markets with fresh local produce.

There is a sense of freedom that comes with living in Florida. There are opportunities to create new business ventures, build new friendships, and carve out the kind of life you and your family desire. If you’re considering making the move and want to explore a master-planned new home community that offers everything you’ve been dreaming about, consider North River Ranch, Parrish, Florida.

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