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Kicking Off 2021 with the Top 10 Reasons to Move to Florida

January 16th, 2021 • 4 min read

Temperatures and tax benefits? Beaches and boating? Arts and attractions? It’s no secret more and more people are moving to the Sunshine State each year. In fact, almost 1,000 people per day relocated to Florida in 2019. And due to COVID-19, the numbers grew even more in 2020.

With a new year in motion, let’s dive a little deeper into why Florida is so inviting – and why North River Ranch is the perfect destination to call home. After all, who’s not craving new experiences and adventures?

#10 – The Staycation

In Florida, you never have to go far to get away. With beaches, theme parks and attractions all within easy reach, vacations don’t get much more convenient. Well, maybe they do. Because a day at the beautiful Brightwood Pavilion pool is a vacation in itself – which you can walk or bike to from home.

#9 – Food & Drink

With its various climate zones and many thriving farms, Florida is a mecca for fresh produce like strawberries, tomatoes, oranges, avocados and much more. It’s also home to stone crabs, local craft beers and a variety of delicacies with Caribbean and Cuban influence. Mojito, anyone? Whether you’re home at North River Ranch or anywhere else in Florida, fresh fare is always nearby.

#8 – Unrivaled Sports Culture

While some states have no professional sports teams, Florida has nine – including the 2020 Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning. There’s also Major League Soccer and some of the fiercest college sports rivalries anywhere. Regardless of your favorite sport or team, you’re sure to find fellow fans in North River Ranch. So whether you drive to the game or watch on the big screen at Riverfield Verandah, you won’t be the only one cheering.

#7 – Stretching Dollars

If you want to get more for your money in terms of housing and day-to-day services, relocating to Florida is a smart decision. While cost of living in areas like Miami is on the higher end, the majority of places are quite affordable compared to many other U.S. states. One of those places is North River Ranch, featuring top builders like Homes by WestBay, Park Square Homes, Centex, KB Home, David Weekley Homes and Neal Communities. With lots of home options and affordable prices, it’s an easy choice.

#6 – The Outdoors Await

With more than 200 days of sunshine a year, Florida residents can spend tons of time outside. So if you love adventures on the water, sand or walking/biking/hiking trails, you’ve come to the right spot. And speaking of trails, there’s tons in store at North River Ranch. Construction of our interconnecting trails system will bring more than 20 miles of trails to residents who love to have fun outdoors, stay fit and be happy. So what are you waiting for? Lace up those shoes and come on out!

#5 – Local Discounts

When you live where most of the world vacations, you get the added benefit of resident-only discounts and bargains throughout the year. From Walt Disney World in Orlando and The Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, to hundreds of attractions and hotels, the savings add up. And as a North River Ranch resident, you can think of those savings as even more off the top of your brand new, state-of-the-art home.

#4 – Diversity

There’s simply no other state like Florida when it comes to cultural diversity, making it one of the greatest melting pots in the country. So in your North River Ranch neighborhood, you’ll get more than a beautiful new home and fantastic amenities. You’ll enjoy a variety of backgrounds and gain a wider perspective.

#3 – World-Renowned Beaches

To name even a fraction of Florida’s fantastic beaches would take forever (Lido! Clearwater! Lovers Key! Grayton! Indian Rocks!). Sorry, couldn’t help it. But rest assured life really is a beach in this state. And for North River Ranch residents, sand and convenience make for a magnificent blend with several great spots nearby. From Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota to Dunedin’s Caladesi Island, your very own paradise is calling.

#2 – Stretching More Dollars

Want to save more money each month? Then consider moving to Florida, where residents pay no state income tax. It’s a great way to put more of your hard-earned green toward things you really want. Like a new home at North River Ranch, customized just the way you’ve dreamed.

#1 – Blue Skies & Warm Temps

Here in Florida, the majority of the year is sunny and warm. Which means while others up north are shoveling snow, you can lounge in your sandals with an umbrella drink. It’s a delicious recipe for spending more time outdoors, exploring all Florida has to offer and living in an extraordinary place like North River Ranch – where the fun and fullness of life is yours for the taking.

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