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Building Smart With Home Technology

August 26th, 2020 • 2 min read

technology is transforming today’s homes, as well as the approach to building them - New Home Community - New Construction Homes For Sale in Parrish, FL

Smarter than ever.

Remember when physical space, features, and finishes meant everything when it came to customizing your home? While the design is still king for many new homebuyers, more and more of them are putting smart home technology on the front burner (which makes perfect sense if you’ve ever left the house and realized you forgot to turn that burner off).

From refrigerators announcing you’re running low on milk, to security, entertainment, home maintenance, and more, technology is transforming today’s homes, as well as the approach to building them.

Thanks to tech companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, and others, the technological sky’s the limit. But that doesn’t mean every option will make sense for all homebuyers. That’s why many builders start out not by talking technology, but about rather the individual people they are building for. What will cater perfectly to the 38-year-old mother of three? The single business executive? The empty nesters with more time to enjoy life? Customization before automation, you might say.

Energy management is also key and today’s homebuyers are also looking to technology to help them manage energy costs. In a recent survey conducted by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, when asked what solutions were most interesting, smart thermostats and energy-efficient appliances topped the list of sought-after items. Motion sensors, motorized shades, and fan control are all other tools that can be combined to create energy efficiencies.

Here at North River Ranch, the preferred home builders can make your home as technical as you desire. But it takes robust Wi-Fi. That’s why we have SuperStream.  Powered by Frontier Communications, this exclusive technology gives families access to one gigabit of internet coverage throughout the community. Bringing new homebuyers the fun and fullness of North River Ranch, SuperStream enhances the use and connections of all smart homes within the community. There’s no distance or location to break connections, which means business meetings, health and wellness appointments, and uploads and downloads for homework don’t get held up. Qualities that are important when buying a new home in today’s new way of life.  You Gig?



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