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SuperStream Provides Access to One Gigabit of Coverage at Home

September 25th, 2020 • 3 min read

The comforts of home and conveniences of technology, surrounded by the fun and fullness of life - New Home Community - New Construction Homes For Sale in Parrish, FL

Wave of the Future

We are all seeing the impacts of our daily lives from recent events, but one of the most significant is the shift toward doing more from the comfort of home. But why such significance? After all, many people have worked or learned remotely since before 2020.

First, this past year has made almost everyone take a closer look at how they’re living their lives. From time spent with family and daily commutes, to overall balance and more, safety precautions have evolved into new approaches for countless activities. Second, technology is making evolution easier than ever – which means work, school, and healthcare (and who knows what else) from home could be here to stay.

How many companies can you name that aren’t leveraging some form of video conference software to stay productive? How many kids do you know who haven’t participated in distance learning? And let’s not forget about appointments with medical and mental health professionals. Born of necessity and now a hallmark of convenience, telehealth is surging toward an unchartered and exciting future all its own.

For example, the specialty care market used to be mostly cornered by those who lived in certain locations. At least if you wanted the latest treatment options. But thanks to new perspectives and upgraded technology, you can now live practically anywhere and still leverage the brightest minds and most novel approaches to health and wellness. From medical advice and prescriptions to specific courses of care, to counseling, therapy, and more, face-to-face experiences are becoming less necessary.

Need more proof? Go check out a few waiting rooms and see if they’re crowded or downright empty. And if you want an example outside of health and wellness, just watch some commercials. While there are still tons for cars, beverages and the like, many new contenders are now trying to catch your fancy. Seriously, have you ever seen so many brands of home fitness machines? Peloton run anyone?

Indeed, the world is changing in many ways. And some of those ways have us wondering if we can ever go back and even if we should. While you wonder about that, you can rest assured there’s a place in beautiful sync with all the evolution, technology, and wonder.

Equidistant between the beaches and cities, close to just about everything, you’ll discover North River Ranch. When you do, you’ll realize tomorrow has arrived. Because along with health and wellness, today’s world has inspired much of what this community offers. Like the FibreOptic network connectivity delivered by SuperStream, powered by Frontier Communications Gig Service.

SuperStream gives families access to one gigabit of coverage at home and throughout the community, keeping you online and up to speed with who and what matters most. There’s no distance or location to break your connections, which means business meetings, health and wellness appointments and uploads and downloads for eLearning don’t get held up. You can even get apps for the AVID FiTPod, Bike Share, mileage trackers and more.

The comforts of home and conveniences of technology, surrounded by the fun and fullness of life. Sounds like yet another enduring, yet positive impact we can all live with.


About North River Ranch

North River Ranch is the flagship master-planned community for Neal Land & Neighborhoods, strategically positioned and carefully planned to evolve to meet the needs of tomorrow’s families and active adults. It’s a fresh approach to development in southwest Florida unlike anything in the market today.

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